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Customer's Review


Linda : "Wow yum had such a great beef donair & a taste of home made lentil soap the owners were fantastic and so so nice, we will be back :) "



Pirouz Ebadypour: "An awesome alternative to McDonald's or any other fast food chain. With the same price, you can get much better quality ingredients and you are also supporting a small local business in the community."


Jahangir Karami : "I  think it's great tasty and delicious. Definitely I'll go there again"


Annie Ronen :"We were visiting north vancouver on the weekend and saw a lady eating a falafel. When asked where one could find good falafel, she recommended BigBite. Small place, very pleasant owners and delicious, home made falafel. We were even offered a taste of their lentil soup. Can't go wrong with this place!"



Phone:  604-770-2070



11:00am to 9:00pm